Newsletter No 75 – March – April 2023

This issue dedicates the cover to International Women’s Day; to the effort of Spanish-speaking colleagues to re-launch ARC•PEACE Iberoamerica, with the assistance of its founders in 2015, in Palma, Mallorca, Spain. It reports on the International Earth’s Day, and the Editor asks if we architects will continue designing without thinking about earthquakes, wars and the pettiness of ambitious businessmen. All colleagues are invited to participate in an innovative Workshop on Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, in Mexico; and to join the projects to be presented at the 28 UIA COPH2023, Denmark, in July. It informs on the civil war in Sudan, and the impending counter-offensive from Ukraine. Finally, homage is paid to the innocent victims who originated the International Workers’ Day.

Newsletter No 74 – December 2022 – January 2023

This Edition covers the presence of Architecture in Education, Sports and Housing, from a sustainable focus; also a historical example of Green Urbanism. It also introduces a call for side events at the 28th UIA World Congress to be held in Copenhagen on July 2 to 6 2023; receives the collaboration of two professionals to be in charge of the Communications Department; the news from Sweden about a design Competition; from USA on the work in favour of Indian needy people, and from the President, Graeme Bristol, about his participation in an international training seminar in Thailand. 

Newsletter No 73 – August – September 2022

In this Edition a call is made to continue with the XXI General Assembly; the unwanted effects of global warming due to the lack of human responsibility are shown; on this subject, the opinion of a professional from Scientists for Global Responsibility, from the United Kingdom, is shared. The president, Graeme Bristol, gives some examples of Architecture and Human Rights; the Editorial is titled “Conduct speaks louder than words”; the Peruvian associate reports on the urban rehabilitation of the “slums”; Cynthia is shown, the Kenyan girl who can attend secondary school thanks to donations from professionals associated with our institution.

Newsletter No 72 – June – July 2022

In this edition we emphasize the need to focus on architecture and urban planning carried out by professionals who work side by side with the beneficiaries of their works. In contrast to our support for those who seek to make this world a comfortable place to live, we denounce the madness of individuals who, from power, annihilate thousands of innocent beings and destroy their habitat, in the name of national rights. This is the case of Russia in the hands of the dictator Putin. The fight against racial segregation in the US; the enormous work in India to provide housing for street people; and the daily task of giving a home and educating 61 orphans in Kenya, are examples worthy of support. Let us inform ourselves and act accordingly.

Newsletter No 71 – March – April 2022

In this edition we report on the cruel war unleashed by one man, against millions of human beings in full XXI century; the belated news of the death of a distinguished co-founder of our entity, the Russian colleague Yuri Platonov; the unfortunate death of Caroline, the girl of only 11 years of age, for malaria, in Kenya; the Pritzker Prize for the first time awarded to an architect from an African country; and much more.

Newsletter No 70 – November 2021

This edition covers a wide spectrum of celebrations; days named in homage to values and people who deserve to be remembered. It coincides with the finally held XXI General Assembly, so many times postponed due to the pandemic. And it opens the doors to a new year with enormous expectations of improvement and acts of solidarity with the most needy on the planet. Best wishes for all of 2022.

Newsletter No 69 – September 2021

This issue offers breaking news on the XXIst General Assembly; six dates to remember during September; the ordeal suffered by a Spanish volunteer living in Bethlehem, Palestine at the hands of the Israeli Armed Forces; and the editorial that points out the attacks on freedom of thought, expression and the press at the hands of authoritarian governments disguised as democracies.

Special Edition – July 2021

Special edition in which we publish a new interview with the doctor Douglas Colina who investigates in China on COVID-19; We reported on the damage to a construction of the Orphanage in Kisii, Kenya, due to a severe storm, and the help that we were able to send thanks to the generosity of some colleagues. We show a gallery of those who helped ARC PEACE to be born and grow, and the works of some of them in different parts of the world

Newsletter No 68 – June 2021

In this issue: the cruel madness for the armament of ‘democratic’ and terrorist states in the government, unleashes bombings and irrigates the Near East with death.On the other hand, the goodwill of many anonymous citizens contributes to world peace and harmony: Kenyan orphans’ request for relief was successfully answered thanks to swift action  of a civil engineer from the Balearic Islands, Spain. A Tunisian colleague and academic shows us her humane approach to design with the second villa of her authorship. Two valued colleagues narrate the difficulties they are going through in their respective countries: India and Sudan.
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Newsletter No 67 – March 2021

In this issue we report on: preparations for the XXI general assembly in July, and how to participate in it; the climate change deniers and the Glasgow summit; ARC • PEACE is invited to participate in the transformation of an important urban axis in the city of Palma; the design of multi-family villas by Tunisian architect and academician Leila Ayoub; and the partnership proposal of EDUCATION in PROGRESS from Italy to ARC • PEACE for a European insular urban architectural project. Read and comment on these topics!

Newsletter No 66 – December 2020

In this issue of the Newsletter, we draw a parallel between the 33 months of December that passed from the founding of ARC•PEACE until just before closing the year 2020 and the most resounding world events. Faced with the year 2021 that is presented as the beginning of a difficult recovery, we comment on the fourfold declaration of the UN choosing 2021 as the International Year of Sustainable Economy; of Peace and Trust; Fruits and Vegetables; and the Eradication of Child Labour. The challenge for friends of Social Responsibility is to re-found our organization, to bring it up to the new demands.

Newsletter No 65 – September 2020

In this issue, we expose the improvisation and hypocrisy of politicians facing COVID-19; which are the countries with very good hospital infrastructure; and the electoral struggle in the USA, with a leader that blurs the history of the world’s most powerful nation. Also, the struggle of Peruvian women in the appropriation of the land; and the example of a married couple leading 60 orphans, in Kenya. It’s not all: a historic RIBA 2021 award; 38 years of peace literacy; and the urgent need to update ARC•PEACE.

Special Edition “33rd Anniversary” – July 2020

Newsletter 33rd Anniversary. A celebration made possible by the legion of socially responsible colleagues who provided valuable support to the vision and mission of ARC•PEACE.

Newsletter No 64 – June 2020

In this issue: we provide evidence that feminism is not necessary to demonstrate that women perform as well or better than men in many areas of life; that the United States remains a paradigm of alarming contradictions in matters of racism, pandemic, and political denial. We also remember Prof. Dick Urban Vestbro one year after his death; we present an Indian-American activist who joined ARC• PEACE and asks for collaboration for very topical projects. We summarize the Secretary’s talk with about a hundred architecture students from the Universidad del Valle, in Cochabamba, Bolivia. And we close with an Art Gallery, thanks to artists who are friends of the NGO.

Newsletter No 63 – March 2020

This issue features ARC•PEACE XXI General Assembly and parallel event: International Seminar on ‘Participation is a Right’; OAS confirmation of fraud in Bolivia 2019 Elections; the welcoming of a first associate group from Uruguay; a thorough report on Bombay slums by ARC•PEACE India; a direct communication from ARC•PEACE Ibero America, with Xianghe Medical Centre, in China, on COVID-19; a case of a home ecological orchard; and much more.

Newsletter No 62 – December 2019

In this issue: Bolivian, Chilean & Colombian angry citizens gain the streets. COP 25 Climate Summit just started in Madrid. Symposium ‘Maximise Your Research Impact’ held at the RIBA with the participation of Dr. Osman Elkheir. ARC•PEACE is contacted by Dr. Johanna Hoerning from the TUB, Germany. 10 December 2019 World Human Rights Day. Ten Swedish Architectural students are trained by ARC•PEACE in Palma, for one month.

Newsletter No 61 – September 2019

In this issue: Five top politicians can’t explain why they find no solution to Climate Change.  EU ERASMUS entrusts young trainees from Germany and Slovakia to ARC•PEACE in Palma. European Mobility Week enables ‘The Palma Scroll’ to become International. Cohousing: example of socially responsible planning. Brave neighbors prevent sea pollution. Planning ARC•PEACE XXI GA at Rio do Janeiro, July 2020. Natural lighting in Architectural Design by Sandra Sosa Castro, President of ARC•PEACE Mexico.  A book In Memoriam of Emeritus Member Dick Urban Vestbro is proposed by ARC•PEACE India.

Newsletter Special Edition – July 2019

When a friend is gone………

Newsletter No 60 – June 2019

In this edition, you’ll be able to read about what was going on in the world in the year ARC•PEACE was founded, and the celebration of our XXXII° Anniversary; the unwanted consequences of wrong planning and the concept of ‘periphery’; the shameful ‘peace deal’ proposed by USA and Israel to Palestine; encouraging news from ARC•PEACE Mexico; children doing the ‘Palma Roll’ in Mallorca; a request for help from Sudan; and a mini art gallery.

Newsletter No 59 – March 2019

In this issue: Humanitarian aid used as a political weapon by Nicolás Maduro, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Touristic Rio do Janeiro is declared by UNESCO and UIA “World Capital of Architecture”. Book review: “Science and the Corporate Agenda”, by Chris Langley and Stuart Parkinson (‘Scientists for Social Responsibility’, SGR / UK). Housing preserving Sudan Sustainable Culture. Our colleague Mewahib Yagoub involves in humanitarian aid, at Oxford, England.

Newsletter No 58 – December 2018

In this issue: More architects are required before and after disasters. ARC•PEACE presents a Selection of Top German Architects. Balearic Islands start rehab works after the 9th October deadly flood.  ARC•PEACE Mexico & Mexico Valley University (UVM) announce the 2019 Program on Alternative Construction & Urban Impact Studies. Graeme Bristol refers to: “What does Architecture have to do with Human Rights?”. Paul Coleman talks about his campaign: “I’m Human, Right?”. And other articles of interest.

Newsletter No 57 – September 2018

In this issue: the multidisciplinary team led by colleague Héctor Santojanni trains inmates in an Argentine prison; Syria’s cruel statistics after seven years of fratricidal war; colleague Sandra Sosa reports on a team working for sustainable architecture in Mexico; colleagues Sergio Ferrero (Brazil) and David Goodman (Spain) show two different generational approaches but respectful of the art of designing and building; Co-President Ibtihal Youssif reports from Dubai on LEAN architecture, design and construction; and much more.

Newsletter No 56 – June 2018

In this issue: a woman will preside over the UN General Assembly; a century of the ‘Grito de Córdoba’ marks the beginning of the University Reform in the world; renewed attack by the Israeli army on Palestinian civilians imprisoned in the Gaza Strip; first house with recycled plastic bricks built in Argentina; Donald Trump ignores the G7 leaders; electric cars can now recharge in the streets of Palma, Majorca; and much more to stay up to date.

Newsletter No 55 – March 2018

In this issue you will read about Woman’s International Day from Madrid; the valuable effort of architects teaching construction technics to men in a Buenos Aires jail; Paris becoming greener; the efforts to introduce a chair on Human Rights in Academical tuition; international youth involved to stop nuclear armaments race; the Arctic ice cap swiftly melting; the death of scientist Stephen Hawking; and more worldwide news. Read, comment, and spread this Newsletter among friends!

Newsletter No 54 – December 2017

This issue of the Newsletter is dedicated to the XXX Anniversary of ARC PEACE and the XX General Assembly held in Palma. You will also read about ICAN receiving the Peace Nobel Prize on its campaigns to abolish nuclear weapons; a proposal for insular sustainable tourism; and about ARC PEACE’s new Board of Directors chosen for the period 2017 – 2020. We encourage you to read, comment, and diffuse this Newsletter.

Newsletter No 53 – June 2017

This issue contains all about the celebrations of the XXX Anniversary and the Program for the XX General Assembly to be held in Palma, Mallorca; school boys and girls surveying Palma Beach sand; a Green Cooling Corridor Project; Science in the Trump – May era; Abolition 2000 Annual Meeting; a new group from Mexico; local businessman looking after elderly people in poor health; and more.

Newsletter No 52 – March 2017

This issue offers scientist Antoine Bret’s lectures for Understanding Climate Change; USSenator B. Sanders position about security and peace between Israel and Palestine; UN negotiations on Nuclear Disarmament; ARC•PEACE volunteers support Mobile Medical Assistance Project;  Empowered Women Building Partnerships on Urban Land Regulation; invitation to attend the XXX Aniversary Celebrations in Palma; ARC•PEACE co-founders Tony Watkins & Akio Hayashi contribute to making the Anniversary Book.

Newsletter No 51 – December 2016

In this number: USA’s real democracy is put to test; Trump incarnates the Dangerous Side  of Democracy;  “My Journey at the Nuclear Brink” book by William Perry; The NEW URBAN AGENDA approved at HABITAT III; First RIBA International Prize; a girl confesses
“I want to be an architect”; Wisely managed soil, water, and cows can help the Planet; Women show the way to a healthy Habitat.

Newsletter No 50 – September 2016

Greenpeace pleads: Do not build Hinkley’s Nuclear Power Station; use renewable; Colombianssay ‘NO’ in Peace plebiscite; Nicolas Sarkozy: ‘Climate Change is not caused by man;  Dr. RumaShukla on Building of Smart Cities, ARC•PEACE Co-chair Marilou Sanchez Hurtado recognized by UNISDR; Urban – natural landscape rehab subject of a design competition;  Agreed Draft of the New Urban Agenda, and much more.