Arc Peace General Assembly 2022

When: Friday 9th September, 2022
Hosted by: Nita Lorimer, Lund, Sweden

Members expected to participate

Below, left to right: Nita Lorimer (Sweden), Graeme Bristol (Canada), Luz Maria Sanchez Hurtado (Peru), Paul Broches (USA), Shyama Sivadas (USA), Jaime Alzérreca Pérez (Bolivia), Sandra Sosa (Mexico), Øystein Grønning (Norway), Leila Ayoub (Tunisia), Oscar Margenet Nadal (Spain), Ruma Shukla (India), Tony Watkins (New Zealand), Sarah Brindley (UK), Apollinaire Salumu Kitenge (RD Congo), Lina Suleiman (Sweden), Ahmed Al-Jowder (Kingdom of Bahrain), Ivana Fisher-Margenet (Germany), Ryoichi Shuto (Japan), Geoffrey Payne (UK), Joanne Karam (Lebanon), Osman Elkheir (Sudan), Bijayanand Misra (India), Benjamin Spencer (Nepal), Mario Guitelzon (Argentine),Andrés Margenet Cáceres (Spain), Joan Margenet Cerutti (Spain), Michel Margenet Cerutti (Spain).

ARC•PEACE International has associated organizations and individuals in countries on every continent.
The governing body of the Association is the General Assembly.

All those interested in participating in the assemblies of ARC•PEACE are welcome to comment on the topics discussed on tables. Full members have voice and vote.
To become associated, the only requirement is to accept the Charter of ARC•PEACE and pay a single installment at the beginning of each year.
Due to the inconveniences caused by the pandemic and its consequences, the payment term for this fee has been extended to facilitate the full participation of those who wish to do so.

Even if you do not appear in the pictures, join us!

WhatsApp: Int + 34 638 556 953